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Here's to a Wonderful 2013

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” - Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore In the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday, the Darby Comm team was advised by Coral to come prepared for an all-day Darby Comm Summit Meeting the Friday before Christmas. When questioning the day’s itinerary, Coral stayed mum. With a playful smile and a secretive look, she divulged only minute details of what we should prepare.

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Planting flags + Natchez Trace Parkway = Project A...

by Amy Williams Being part of the outdoor, wellness, & active lifestyle industries, the Darby Comm team occasionally gets the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented and inspiring athletes. This perk goes along with the territory and is a decidedly welcome interruption to our everyday routines.

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As we move into the fall season, we'd like to update you on some changes rolling through our office. If you know the team at Darby Comm at all, you’ll know we are a team that embraces change and the challenges that come with it. With a presidential election coming up, a transitioning season, and a new year, we’re excited to bring you some change of our own from the past few months and weeks!

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The Real Deal ~ Running the Blue Ridge Relay

by Angie Houck Okay, here we go, if I don’t get this out today there is no way I’ll get it done this week. There’s a little moment of peace in my house this morning before my husband and 5 year old daughter get back into town and I’m going to take advantage of it to talk about the most amazing experience I had this weekend in the Blue Ridge Relay.

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We’ve got an OR newbie over here!

What with all the Outdoor Retailer show craziness that's ensued over the past few months, we've finally gotten our act together to write a post and share with you some of the epic details from our trip out to Salt Lake City! Amy Williams shares her first ever experience at the OR -- one that makes us all want to relive the awesomeness that is Summer Outdoor Retailer! Handing it over to you, Amy:  

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It’s a Boogyboard, it’s a Kayak … no, it’s a Belly...

The concept of “bodyboating,” as owners Adam and Anna like to call it, came about quite unexpectedly. In fact, the concept was born after a South Carolina hurricane flooded a small creek outside of Adam's cabin. In order to traverse the creek, Adam had to lie down face first on his kayak in order to fit under the hanging rhododendrons. The feeling Adam had was exhilarating -- "It felt like flying."

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