June 6, 2015

An Update from Coral Darby:

Big things are happening at Darby Communications this summer - we are upping our game and preparing to ‘unveil’ Darby Communications 2.0, so to speak…

We want to be sure people "get" us from the outset. We especially want clients, journalists and potential new hires to understand our mission, as well as our online friends and followers. A new hashtag is leading the charge, and who knows, maybe it will be our new mantra too. Our hashtag definitely needs to be special; encapsulating the vibe here at 8 Magnolia. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that the hashtag also needs to be smart, witty and intriguing?

Whew, that’s a lot of pressure on a hashtag!


On a recent work trip to British Columbia I had a great deal of time to contemplate how impactful this phrase could and should be, and it occurred to me that I was away at a time when almost everyone else in the office was travelling too. Angie and Anna were in Reno, and Mandy was in Boulder, all at sales meetings. Shelly was in Seattle meeting with a client to facilitate 2016 planning. Wow! Our work was spanning North America -- we were spending invaluable time with our clients -- and we were all enjoying it.

It was a Darby Communications milestone week, and it brought me great pride.

With this revelation in mind we landed on a new hashtag, and to us this is what it embodies:

Friendship. We thoroughly enjoy the people we work with and are grateful for the connections we have made over the years.

Service. Taking care of clients is a top priority.

Adventure. New products, new concepts, new trends – we are excited to explore them all.

Growth. Growing mindfully and sustainably is important, as it ensures we are always at the top of our game for our clients.

Respect. We value individuality.

Gratitude. We are thankful for the opportunities we have.

Balance. Live life to the fullest and bring your kids when you can.


Drumroll please…introducing: #DarbyWay.


This is our take on living the PR life, embracing our customers as well as our challenges, welcoming adventure, being respectful, and always being grateful as we try to live life in a balanced and healthy way.

This is our way.

The #DarbyWay.

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