December 8, 2015

When discussing the things that we most coveted for the holidays this year, we realized that there weren't too many... things on our list. Of course, around Darby Comm, we all enjoy a nice accessory or new gear for a New Year hobby. But on the whole, we wanted to be able to share our own wealth, both in a monetary and spiritual sense, with those who don't have the same love, safety or security during the holidays.


So here we present our Holiday Gift (and Give) Guide. It features our dream presents, along with what we'd each like to support in our world. If you'd like to make a donation in one of ours, or your loved ones' names, read below for more information from each team member. 


Happy holidays from Darby Comm! 




From top to bottom: 


I would love people to give to Pisgah Legal Services, a group that helps the most vulnerable families and individuals in Western North Carolina, including disadvantaged children, victims of domestic violence, families facing homelessness, and senior citizens. 


For me, I’ve been wanting a Bertucci watch for many OR shows now. They are simple and classic and if I had one I wouldn’t have to check my phone for the time during appointments throughout the OR Show or when out and about with my daughter! Simply put, it would give me one more reason to put my phone aside every day and spend quality time with the ones I love!


- Angie Houck, Senior Account Executive, Sponsorship Director


My gift request is one that does not include a monetary exchange. I am asking Santa for a little snow this season. After years of living out west I really miss the cold smoke that would fall in November and stay with us through spring. I’ve done some improvements to my homestead recently and simply want to sit in front of the fireplace with a glass of red wine in hand, and watch beautiful big flakes glisten as they descend from the sky." OpenDoors of Asheville connects local children living in multi-generational poverty with an active, individualized network of support and Opportunities for education and enrichment.  At OpenDoors, we invest in kids who live in poverty so they will learn to invest in themselves and in the end, break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for our community.


- Coral Darby, Founder


As a self-professed Cat Lady, I want nothing more than to celebrate the love of my cat (and other cats, but mostly my cat) by owning as much kitty-themed paraphernalia as possible.  Which is why my perfect holiday gift would be the Cat Lady Box, a monthly subscription service that would deliver me a delightful box of feline-themed goodies on a monthly basis.  So get it for me MEOW!!!


Since his freshman year of college, my brother Adam has been involved heavily with the Akaa project, a non-profit started by a school friend to support and create opportunities for families living in the Akaa community in the Eastern region of Ghana.  Volunteers like Adam work throughout the year to find strategies to improve the health, education, and financial wellbeing of the village families.  Adam has been to the village in Akaa 5 times, and has helped build a community school and latrine for the villagers.  Currently, the Akaa project is raising funds to provide crucial educational resources to the schoolteachers in the village so they can continue to educate the village children who now have access to an educational system


- Julie Hansell, Account Representative, Sponsorship Coordinator (and Office Cat Lady) 


I want a jersey of the BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER in the NFL (Luke Kuechly) and soon to be SUPERBOWL CHAMPION (The Carolina Panthers)! Appalachian Voices is an incredible organization that has been protecting the middle and southern Appalachian areas and working to end Mountain Top Removal.


- Mandy Giles, Agency Director, Senior Account Executive


I’ve always wanted a quality, large leather bag, but never want to spend the $$ on it since I don’t know how often I would really use it. However, if I asked for a leather bag for Christmas, I would request it be from the, as they support independent crafters and makers, similar to etsy. I really like the size and simple features of this leather bag. It would be nice for travel and would fit my laptop.


These days, it seems that politicians and lobbyists are actually fighting for the right to pollute our air – instead of clean it.  Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It is toxic, and has a direct connection to disease. Mom’s Clean Air Force is made up of individuals in our communities who talk directly to Washington via informing and organizing the public, arranging hearings and conversations with politicians and protesting. Donating and becoming a member of Mom’s Clean Air Force will support job-creating regulations to assure that our children have clean air right now, and for their future.


- Shelly Smith, Account Executive


This Fujifilm camera is the update of the iZone camera I loved as a kid, and the Polaroid film before it! Honestly, most of my photos exist in digital form and are never printed. I would love to have a camera like this to snap memories and have a little physical reminder of that moment. 


Our VOICE has been in Asheville for over 40 years, providing services to victims of sexual violence, and one of the only organizations of its type who has specific service for men. They have a 24 hours hotline in English and Spanish, and need our help to continue to help our community as well as well provide prevention programming.


-Anna Elliott, Social Media & Account Coordinator


For my birthday, I received Gloria Steinem's Revolution from Within, a book on self-esteem. It changed how I consider my relationships with others, the world, and myself. Steinem designed these bracelets in collaboration with MaidenNation. Their message, "Imagine We Are Linked, Not Ranked" inspire me on a personal level to consider my relationships with others as vital connections, as well as represent my views on equality, justice and compassion for the world.


In that same vein, I encourage you to donate to Green Opportunities, an Asheville-based non-profit that provides job training for positions with sustainable and green companies in Western North Carolina. In 2016, one of my goals is to begin volunteering with local charities once a week, so don't worry if you can't give money- you can also give your time!


-Molly Smithson, Social Media & Account Coordinator

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