5 Rock Star Ambassadors on How to Work with Brands

May 6, 2016

A well-rounded brand ambassador program comprised of both macro and micro influencers is a huge asset for our clients. Influencers have 22.2 times as many conversations about products every week than regular Instagram users, according to a recent study by the Wharton School. This means that by aligning your brand with influencers who exclusively support your product, you’ll be more regularly reaching the 82% of average social media users who are very likely to follow those influencers’ recommendations. These individuals humanize the products, provide word-of-mouth endorsements and drive new customers to the brand using their personal relationships with followers. It’s our job to help our clients engage these influencers, and solidify or strengthen the relationship they have with the brand.

We recently reached out to some of our clients’ ambassadors and asked them a few questions about what working as an ambassador means to them.



Eric Larsen – Coolest Explorer in Town

Granite Gear & UCO Ambassador

“There are a million important aspects to being an ambassador for UCO and Granite Gear, but paramount is gratitude. It is a privilege to work with both of these great companies and not something I take lightly. Therefore, my basic philosophy is to provide value in as many ways as possible. After that, my priority is to create compelling, honest narratives based around unique adventures and expeditions.

For those searching for a sponsor,  first put in your time, gain experience, knowledge, perspective and a voice before you approach any company -- this may take years. Second, be original.”



Nadia Ruiz –Youngest Latina to 100 Marathons in World

Headsweats Ambassador

“As I have been competitive in running and triathlons for 18 years, sun protection is very important to me and aiming to find headgear that is comfortable and protective is key during competition and training. Headsweats visors with the flexible headband-like structure was always very convenient and comfortable; therefore, I have been proud to use the visors for years. I am currently training for a lifetime dream race of mine: the Great Wall of China Marathon taking place on Sunday, May 23rd. Traveling the world to different states and countries is very important to me to learn and experience other cultures; therefore, I try to schedule it with races if I can … I am grateful and extremely excited to be participating this year in the Great Wall Marathon and bringing along my father as a gift to him to run it along with me. I look forward to the memorable race experience.”







Natali Zollinger – Lover of Water and Fitness

Astral & Icemule Ambassador

“The biggest advice I would give someone looking to work with a brand is the longer you are with them, the longer you need to stay true with who you are and what unique quality you bring to their company. Being authentic is the biggest reason why companies want to work with athletes in the first place. It's really easy to get caught up in the requirements and expectations while representing brands/companies. So continue to put yourself in check on a regular basis to make sure you are maintaining a true representation of yourself and the company/brand you are with. The biggest appeal when working with a brand is that you get to be part of a greater vision. As an athlete your impact is so small, but the more and more companies you align with, the bigger impact you have on this world and the community that supports it.”



Elena Pressprich – Seeker of the Good Times

UCO Ambassador

“I love working with UCO gear! Their products are so useful, function well and are fun! I work Monday through Friday, so when the weekends come, I am surely to be found outside whether it be skiing, hiking, or camping. No big summer plans really other than to make sure I’m outdoors every weekend. Should be a great summer here in Central Oregon. We had such a low water year last year, the summer was rough, but this year we had tons of snow! I'm looking forward to spending more of those hot days on the river and lakes.”










Ben Weaver – Nature’s Storyteller

Granite Gear Ambassador

“Since my work is about telling stories and generating artistic content from adventures, it is inspiring to work with brands who build the gear that helps people get out onto the land and form these essential bonds. When a brand deeply cares about and understands their role in protecting and maintaining the landscapes their products assist people to access, the experience of partnering becomes all the more powerful.  

When brands use my content to support their products it connects to people on an unemotional level and helps reciprocate that bond. When brands share my content with their audiences, people who love being outside and want to support our wilderness landscapes in turn become exposed to my work. There is a huge crossover in interest and vision.”

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