November 30, 2016

The Southeast is currently being ravaged by wildfires and with a severe drought in the region and little to no rainfall in the forecast, the wildfires are predicted to continue to spread rapidly. Currently there are more than 36,000 acres on fire in Western NC alone, and there are mandatory evacuations happening. As you can imagine our fire departments are stretched pretty thin as they are not used to combating wildfires of this size, and they are in dire need of supplies to support their mostly volunteer crews. Darby Communications is collecting items requested by these fire departments, many of them staffed by volunteers only, to deliver to dropoff locations in the coming weeks. Our clients are donating products for these crews and we wanted to open up the opportunity to help out to others in the outdoor community.


Check out the list of supplies below and let us know if you want to send product for support. Please email Angie Robinson at angie@darbycommunications.com if you would like to donate product or have any questions.


If product needs don’t fit your offerings, please consider a financial donation since most of these firefighters are volunteers. Products and monetary donations are tax deductible. Email us for link to monetary donations (link not yet live).


Basic Guidelines

  • All food and drink should be sealed and unopened and in original packages (except fruit).

  • Please do NOT donate alcoholic beverages or soda.

Priority Scale

Items with three stars (***) are the HIGHEST priority.  Less stars means lower priority, and no stars is the lowest.

Food/Beverage Needs

  • ***Beef Jerky/Slim Jim

  • ***Energy Bars

  • ***Snack Foods/Crackers

  • ***Canned foods (ex. Spaghetti O’s, Franks and Beans)

  • ***Cough Drops (Menthol)

  • **Bottled Water

  • **Bottled Gatorade

  • *Coffee

  • Sunflower seeds


Non Food Items

  • *** Boot Socks(Wool/Wool Blend)

  • *** Free&Clear Laundry Detergent

  • *** Foot powder

  • Baby wipes

  • ***Eye drops (for irritated eyes)

  • Chapstick

  • Toiletries

  • *** Saline nose spray

  • *** Personal Hygiene (travel size deodorants, etc)

  • *** Ziploc bag (quart,snack,gallon)

  • *** Ibuprofen (individual sizes)

  • *** Benadryl (individual sizes)

  • *** Packaged eating utensils (fork/knife/spoon, etc)

  • *** To-go boxes

  • *** Large pump Hand Sanitizer

  • *** AAA batteries

  • *** AA batteries

  • *** Towels and wash cloths

  • *** Hot hands

  • *** Travel size Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand soap

  • *Toilet paper

  • **Paper towels

  • Trash bags

  • Aluminum serving pans (a lot of them)










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