So You Don't Get Snapchat: 3 Steps to Understand this Awesome Branding Tool

June 10, 2016

When we first spoke to clients about getting on Snapchat, they were hesitant. Their kids may have it, but they’re not quite sure how the no-frills, real-time platform works.


First, the basics of Snapchat: you can share photos or videos with your friends, who can view them for however many seconds you choose. You can also send media to your story, which then stays visible for 24 hours. Unless you download your images or someone screenshots them, the content is not shareable within the app or out of the app. It’s mobile only, so you can’t access it from your computer.

For many marketers, Snapchat’s success and staying power has been a boondoggle that we’re still figuring out. You can wear a dog face, but somehow its valuation has increased from $5 billion in March of 2015 to $20 billion this May? Here are a few steps we’ve taken to conquer this realtime content and influencer powerhouse.  


1. Get a millennial to teach you to use it. 

The younger, the better. 


As the youngest member of our office, I am usually the go-to person for all new tech. However my younger sisters and brother (pictured above) introduced me to a bunch of Snapchat features I would have never found on my own. Snapchat is an intuitive app in that it rewards you with special features for clicking, tapping and filming various content- you have to be curious, or know a youth that is, to figure out all the things you can do. 







2. Create Brand Accounts

There’s something to put on there. Trust us.


“But I’m only outdoors on the weekend. 
“Our office isn’t that interesting for featuring products.”
“Who has time to be on an app 24-7?” 

Because Snapchat's real-time content disappears, it can be more reverent and eclectic than networks like Facebook or Instagram, where your content can be viewed throughout time. So have fun with it- show off your office shenanigans or take us behind the scenes on different projects.


Outdoor brands can benefit in the same way that we do from Instagram- by employing ambassadors, like Thru Hike Syndicate member Aaron Ibey on Vasque's channel above, to run Snapchat takeovers during their hikes. We also feature various events, like Appalachian Trail Days on the GraniteGear account below, and promote other social channels through our account. And don’t worry if you have a period without content. Because your story only lasts one day, you can spread out your real-time content without the ramifications of losing followers or interest because you’re not posting regularly. 



3. Reach out to Snapchat publications

They’re just like regular pubs!


We recently had the Sierra Designs Hurricane jacket featured in Sweet, a lifestyle and culture outlet from Hearst and Snapchat. These Discover stories, at the top of your feed, are viewed by users across the country and can be explored. Viewers can also interact with the content, like the letter to the editor shown here. Interactive content means that featured products make a bigger splash. When pitching a product targeted towards millennials or digital users, seek out social media managers and see if they can point you in the direction of the editors of these publications. 


Granite Gear and Darby Comm also be found on the app. 

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