How We Analyze Video

February 10, 2017

Brands are starting to direct a larger share of ad budgets towards video, and for good reason. Video allows brands to go in depth with new products in a more engaging fashion and build brand loyalty using ambassadors or influencers.


However, it’s important to focus on the metrics that really matter when analyzing video ads. We’re not as focused on how many people a video ad reached or how many impressions occurred as a result of an ad. A successful video ad is achieved through a combination of both targeting the right people AND providing great content. Don’t have the budget to boost posts at the same level that industry leaders do? Use the budget you do have the right way with athletes and influencers. Astral posted user-generated video content from sponsored athlete, Rush Sturges with no budget. The video led to 5,670 likes, 50k clicks, 1,438 comments and 1,347 shares – all organically. While this level of engagement isn’t achievable for every video post, it proves posting the right content can go a long way, even without a budget.


 Video can also be a great form of ad for brand awareness. IceMule Coolers launched a “Bring the Party” 30 second ad that was viewed at least 95% to completion by 18,000 Facebook users at just $0.04/view. Compared to the 2016 Facebook average of $0.27 Cost Per Click[1], video can be a great way to introduce a new product that’s also cost-effective in building awareness around a brand.


Video is essential in today’s market place, and as brands start to funnel more of their marketing budget towards ambassador content, it has proven to be one of the primary forms of connecting with consumers in an organic fashion leading to higher brand loyalty and ultimately, more sales.






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