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June 28, 2017

The Darby team sent a crew down to Atlanta for the Digital Marketing Summit a few weeks ago to stay up to date on the latest news in the world of digital marketing. The conference was a whirlwind of knowledge with speakers like Morgan Spurlock, Seth Godin and others from Facebook, Buzzfeed, Google and more. We also had some fun in the process. 


Our Five Key Takeaways:


  • Content is not king, concepts are king. Study your audience and demographics so you can produce content that relates to them.

    • Evaluate ethnography, platforms and beliefs.

    • Have a point of view.

    • Build relevancy through concepts. Do your homework through Facebook and Instagram insights.

  • For boosted social posts – If the content is not performing well organically on the page, do not spend money on boosting it. This is an indicator that the copy might not be catchy enough or the content does not resonate with your audience.

  • Use social media to tell your brand story, not to advertise. Recipe for social content should be:

    • 40% Interact

    • 20% Entertain (humor, controversial, edgy)

    • 20% Inform

    • 20% Convert to business

  • Our brains process images 60,000x faster than words. Use video content to engage audience and use short, intriguing copy as click bait for links. Do not give away the whole story in the copy.

  • With newsletters, evaluate time sent and relevancy of content to audience. Think about one key objective for each newsletter and don’t try to fit too much into each one. To get the best open rates, use segmentation and A/B testing.

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