Meet Cory

June 28, 2018

Meet Cory Van Auken

Account Lead

Soccer fanatic, fly fisherman, LaCroix boy


What clients can we find you working with at Darby?

I’m fortunate to be working with some awesome clients- Old Town, Ocean Kayak, AquaTech, and the legend, Pete Ripmaster, himself!


Favorite part of the job?

Learning from the incredibly talented Darby Comm crew.


Where can we find you while not in the office?

Trying (and mostly failing) to catch some trout on the West Fork…or scarfing down some tacos at Taqueria Munoz


Beverage of choice?

Nothing a La Croix Lime can’t fix…I’ll be getting some slack for this answer.


Favorite piece of gear?

I don’t go anywhere without my Smith Outlier 2s!


Must follow on Instagram?

Thanks to Julie, I can’t get enough of @rexspecsk9. Dogs+Goggles = Pure Joy


Podcast or music while on the road?

Love a good podcast! My go-to’s right now are 99% Invisible and Planet Money.


Favorite spot in WNC?

Can’t give that up…


Burrito or taco?

Taco all the way


What’s your next splurge purchase?

A new Orvis Classic Landing Net


What are you jamming to on the headphones while in the office?

Can’t go wrong with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats


Who on the Darby team would you trust to help you survive in the woods?

I think everyone could hold their own, but If I had to pick one person…Ashleigh. She’s an AT thru-hiker, and knows her stuff!


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