Meet Hannah Kaminer

January 2, 2020

Hannah Kaminer

Account Lead

Talented musician, avid hiker, experienced copywriter


What clients can we find you working with at Darby?

I will be working primarily with two really awesome clients:  Primoprint and Hyland’s. I’m excited about everything these clients have going on!


Beverage of choice?

Coffee or kombucha.


Favorite part of the job?

Storytelling – I love that writing is a big part of my job. I also love working on a team, and being in a dog-friendly office. 


Where can we find you while not in the office?

Playing or enjoying music, getting outside for a hike, or enjoying the local food scene with friends. 


Favorite piece of gear?

My trail running shoes!


Must follow on Instagram?

I love cartoons: @simonscatofficial or @newyorkercartoons or @theawkwardyeti.




Podcast or music while on the road?

For road trips, I am a total podcast nerd: On Being, The Daily, ESPN Daily, and Seth Godin’s Akimbo.


Favorite spot in WNC?

Black Balsam - I love to do this hike in every season. I also love Max Patch. 


Burrito or taco?

Tacos! I could probably eat tacos at every meal and be perfectly happy. 


What’s your next splurge purchase?

Probably new trail running shoes!


What are you jamming to on the headphones while in the office?

Anything classical or cinematic that doesn’t have lyrics.


Who on the Darby team would you trust to survive in the woods?

Suz  - I feel like staying positive is so important to wilderness survival, and she’d probably be able to figure out how to have a fantastic time and survive all at the same time. 


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